Very outstanding top FEI Dressage pony!

Zatarra is a Gelding, born in 2007. He has, as the video shows, three very outstanding paces, and a very special expression and exteriors. He is a very technical pony, and Laerke has spend a lot of time trying to understand the riding-technic. When you learn to ride him, you can get an indescribable fantastic ride on him. When we got him, three years ago, he had never been out competing. Now he seats for national competitions and has competed at the Ecco Cup here in Denmark. He is "only" 143 cm tall, but as he is walking like a horse, he is often compared with a little horse. Zatarra is in all perspects a compassionate and nice pony. During riding, he is always 100% cooperative - but challenges with his need for technically correct riding. Zatarra has a great personality and has been Laerke’s best friend now for 3 years. Zatarra has never been ill og unclean walking. He’s a very strong pony.

Zatarra would also be very useful for a small adult-rider, as he walks and looks like a little horse.

Link to some short video:

Please contact for more information and more video

Currently competing at: Advanced to Grand prix
Height (cm): 142
Age (years): 11
Sex: Gelding

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