Information about Morzillo

We want to create a website with the most complete set of horses available to buyers. When Will, the founder of Morzillo, was searching online for horses, he was frustrated that each website had a limited amount of horses available to look at. We asked ourselves, why are more people not advertising on horse sales websites?

One reason was that horsey people don't have time to mess around with complicated websites, and other reason was that they were expensive. People had become accustomed to using word of mouth and Facebook.

So we launched Morzillo, with the aim to make it as easy as possible to use, to fit around the 23hr horsey working day. We also made it free to advertise, that way we could get as many private sellers, dealers and agents to advertise, so that we can build the most complete list of horses available on the market.

If you are desperate to sell your horse we will allow you to pay for a boost, but the main service is free.

We hope you love using Morzillo.